LGBTQ Therapy in Seattle, WA & Washington State

You have every right to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

No matter your circumstances, you deserve a supportive place to feel unconditionally accepted.

I specialize in working with people in the LGBTQ+  community, and embrace advocacy, a social justice lens, and try and provide an affirming space. We live in a complicated world and more than anything, my goal is to support you in navigating your lived experience. I want to empower you to embrace living a wholehearted life.

A graphic of two LGBTQ couples smiling with one another. LGBTQIA therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support in cultivating stronger bonds. Learn more about online LGBTQ therapy in Seattle, WA by contacting a LGBTQIA therapist in Seattle, WA today.
A graphic of a diverse group of people smiling around a rainbow heart. LGBTQIA therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support with online LGBTQ therapy in Seattle, WA. Learn more by contacting an online LGBTQ therapist in Seattle, WA.

What Does LGBTQ Therapy For Clients Mean?

More than ever, clients need therapists who can understand and validate their lived experiences on the individual and systemic levels. LGBTQIA2+ therapy isn’t only about exploring your identity. But, it can be the main priority. It’s also about identifying and achieving your goals within an affirming and compassionate environment.

Many of my clients come to therapy wanting to show up in the world more authentic way. They want healthy, loving relationships. They want to explore who they are, and what they value. In other words, they want permission to live boldly.

What Does LGBTQ Therapy Offer for Clients in the Community?

More than anything, I want to help you achieve your goals! Whatever your goals are, having support and a place to connect to your truth matters. Having a roadmap also matters. 

My clients often start this work because they’re in some kind of conflict.

Some are struggling with the immense effects of systemic stress and discrimination. Others are currently dealing with the pain of family conflict, social rejection, or internal confusion. Despite the context, many clients feel alone or frustrated by their experiences.

In LGBTQ therapy, I aim to offer you a balance of compassion, professionalism, and proactive strategies. With these strategies, you can work to better your life. We may not be able to fix every problem (no therapy can!). But, we can work together towards you feeling more confident, excited, and secure.

When Should You Seek Online LGBTQ  Therapy in Seattle, WA?

You can start your process at any time. If you are in pain right now, that’s a good enough reason to seek support! The longer you wait, the more suffering you might endure.

I offer LGBTQ therapy in Seattle, WA, and online in Washington State. If you need a space where you can truly be yourself, I am the person who will strive to offer you that space.

LGBTQ  therapy in Seattle, WA can be one of the most valuable, transformative investments of your time and money. I would be honored to share this experience with you. Contact me today to schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit!

Each 50-minute session is $150

I am private pay and don’t accept insurance.  I offer a superbill upon request you can submit to your insurance. I cannot guarantee reimbursement for private pay clients.

*I offer a limited amount of reduced fee spots 

A graphic of a peaceful person meditating with a rainbow above them. LGBTQIA therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support from the comfort of home. Contact an online LGBTQ therapist in Seattle, WA to learn more about online LGBTQ therapy in Seattle, WA.

Begin LGBTQ+ Therapy in Seattle, WA

The LGBTQ community can face many unique challenges. This is why I’m committed to offering support from my Seattle, WA-based practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
2. Meet with a caring therapist
3. Start receiving the support you deserve

Other Services Offered at Inner Wisdom Coaching and Counseling in Washington

LGBTQ therapy isn’t the only service I offer from my Seattle, WA-based therapy practice. I’m happy to offer a variety of mental health services via online therapy. Other mental health services offered include depression treatment, EMDR, and life coaching. I also offer anxiety treatment and life transitions therapy as well. 

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