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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy in Seattle, WA)

Many clients feel like they can’t “move past” their traumas. Or, they feel stuck in “talking” or “processing” their pain. They may feel like they have a concrete solution for moving forward. But, they’re tired of the stagnation. They want an efficient treatment that doesn’t need spending years talking about the past.

Trauma is so complex because our brain is wired to protect us from further pain and suffering. When distressing events happen, our brain works hard to make sense of the situation. Therefore things can get “stuck” in the process. It’s like the trauma is stuck inside of you. Even if it happened many months or years ago. As a result, that can affect every area of your well-being.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR therapy) is one of the most groundbreaking models for trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, and chronic illness. It’s a specific type of treatment that focuses on reducing the distress you experience in everyday life. In short, it works with the brain to remove that feeling of “stuckness.”

A graphic of a woman holding her head as cluttered thoughts flood their mind. Learn more about how EMDR therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support from the comfort of home in overcoming traumatic thoughts. Learn more about online EMDR therapy in Seattle, WA by contacting an EMDR therapist in Seattle, WA.
An illustration of a person struggling with past thoughts. EMDR therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support in overcoming past trauma. Learn more about online EMDR in Seattle, WA by contacting an EMDR therapist in Seattle, WA today.

How Does Online EMDR Therapy Work?

EMDR is an evidence-based model that follows eight distinct phases. The overarching goal of EMDR is to reconcile disturbing parts of your past or present.

My clients and I work together at an appropriate pace based on individual needs. Feeling safe is essential. So, I will always focus on establishing solid rapport before diving into anything too uncomfortable.

As an EMDR Therapist, I First Collaborate with My Clients

We work together to review the specific triggers or memories causing distress. These are known as targets, and we focus on them throughout the treatment.

Then, I teach clients appropriate coping skills to manage heightened emotions. These skills help clients regulate themselves if they feel too overwhelmed. You will learn how to practice them in session, and you will ideally use them in the real world whenever needed.

The remaining bulk of EMDR therapy consists of focusing on specific targets while engaging in bilateral stimulation. In time, this process allows clients to feel desensitized to their distress. In addition, clients replace negative cognitions with more realistic, positive ones. Thus, allowing them to feel more confident in moving forward.

Is EMDR Therapy in Seattle, WA Right For You?

What if you’ve already “processed” your trauma in past therapy? But what if you don’t identify as having trauma at all? Is EMDR therapy still suitable? It might be!

EMDR can be beneficial for clients who:

  • Identify with feeling “stuck” or “lost” in their traumas.
  • Believe they have not resolved certain struggles in conventional talk therapies.
  • Feel numb or unable to access positive emotions.
  • Struggle with compulsive tendencies or other unwanted behaviors.
  • Experience ongoing anxiety or depression.
  • Want to feel more empowered in their daily lives.

What Else Do You Need to Know About EMDR Therapy?

The length of EMDR therapy depends on each individual. But, we will often collaborate on your progress. By doing, so, you will remain an active participant in your treatment.

EMDR therapy can be used as its own standalone work. But, it can also be a supplemental therapy with other treatments. That is to say if you aren’t sure, we can discuss the best strategy for honoring your needs.

EMDR therapy can be one of the most valuable, transformative investments of your time and money. I would be honored to share this experience with you. Contact me today to schedule your free 20-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit!

Each 50-minute session is $150

I offer online EMDR therapy in Seattle, WA, and Washington State for clients. I am private pay and don’t accept insurance.  

I offer a superbill upon request you can submit to your insurance. I cannot guarantee reimbursement for private pay clients.  Learn more here FAQS

*I offer a limited amount of reduced fee spots. If you would benefit, please directly ask if any slots are open.

Begin EMDR Therapy in Seattle, WA

Finding the best treatment to overcome past trauma can take time. But, finding the right support can make all the difference in your recovery journey. I would be honored to offer support from my Seattle, WA-based online therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
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