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I believe one of the bravest decisions you can make is to begin to understand your own story.

In my therapy work, I strive to embrace a holistic approach with my clients. You are a whole person, and I am here to support you in harnessing your most authentic self. Having overcome my own obstacles in life, I value providing an inclusive, down-to-earth space where clients can show up exactly as they are.

Online therapy in Seattle, WA needs to feel safe and supportive. My goal is that my clients will feel secure in our work together.  

Some therapists are more old-school (you know the type- buttoned-up, stiff, blank slate). That person isn’t me. I believe, online therapy can be playful and humorous. It can be a dynamic experience of learning and growing without a hint of pretentious energy. My clients and I collaborate with one another to learn self-care strategies and more. I am their advocate and support throughout this exciting process.

Who do I work with?

I work with adults. But, I have a specialized focus in anxiety, life transitions, and serving the LGBTQIA2+ community. I also believe advocacy is an essential part of mental health treatment. I work through a social justice lens. In addition, I wholeheartedly embrace a Health at Every Size approach.  

Many of my clients identify as working professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They often face struggles related to living an authentic life, body image, a big life transition, limiting beliefs, and managing their emotional well-being. Several consider therapy a part of their self-care routine, and they feel motivated to continue working on themselves.

You might find yourself living behind a mask of  leading a “successful” and “happy” life. But, something still feels incomplete or unauthentic. You may also think you’re coping “well enough,” but you also know you’re actually struggling.

I offer online therapy for clients who are ready for deeper and more profound work.

You might first come to me because you feel stuck. It may be that you aren’t actually living the life you want. You may feel overwhelmed by existential dread or remnants of past trauma. You may find yourself wanting a more peaceful relationship with your body. Most of all, it’s like you can’t locate your real voice.

And yet, you want to connect to a deeper sense of self. You want more truth, and you don’t want to keep sacrificing your own needs and desires.

I believe you are the expert of your own life. I trust that you can decide what works best for you. But I’m here to help you uncover your truth and honor how you want to show up in this world.


A woman smiles as she types on her laptop at a park table. Online therapy in Seattle, WA can happen from where you are most comfortable. Learn more about online LGBTQ therapy in Seattle, WA and other services including online EMDR in Seattle, WA.

I’m ready to meet you exactly as you are via online therapy in Seattle, WA

My work is rooted in person-centered, existential, narrative, somatic, and IFS modalities. But those are just guiding points.

Therapy isn’t about working within tiny, neat boxes. Our work will be unique and evolving. It will grow as you grow.

I provide online therapy for individuals living in Seattle, WA & Washington State.

My fee is $150 for a 50-minute session

Counseling can be one of the most valuable, transformative investments of your time and money. I would be honored to share this experience with you.

I am private pay and don’t accept insurance.  I offer a superbill upon request you can submit to your insurance. I cannot guarantee reimbursement for private pay clients. 

*I offer a limited amount of reduced fee spots 

A close up of hands typing on a laptop keyboard. This could represent the search an online therapist in Seattle, WA. We offer support via online therapy in Seattle, WA and other services including online LBGTQ therapy in Seattle, WA.
A top down view of a person typing on a laptop with their cat resting on their arm. This could represent the comfort and convienence of online therapy in Seattle, WA. Learn more about online therapy in Washington by contacting an online therpaist in Seattle, WA today for support.

Begin Online Therapy in Seattle, WA

You should have access to mental health services regardless of where you live in the state of Washington. I would be honored to provide mental health support from my Seattle, WA-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

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  2. Meet with a caring online therapist
  3. Start improving mental health from the comfort of home

Other Services Offered at Inner Wisdom Coaching & Counseling

I’m happy to offer a variety of mental health services via online therapy in Seattle, WA. Other mental health services offered include depression treatment, EMDR, life transition therapy, and life coaching. I also offer anxiety treatment and LGBTQIA+ therapy as well. Feel free to learn more by visiting my blog today!

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