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Hi there, I’m Jaime (she/her)!

I am a dreamer. I am resilient. I am a survivor.     

My Story

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.”~ Brené Brown

I lived the first part of my life behind a mask of people-pleasing and trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be.  My pathway to becoming a Life Coach and future therapist has not always been easy, but it has been a powerful one. I struggled a lot in my childhood and early adulthood with limiting beliefs, overcoming trauma, and self-esteem issues. 

I knew I needed support and took a chance and started working with a therapist. Little did I know that I began the most important work I had ever been called to do: Letting go of the life I thought I was supposed to live, learning to trust myself, and living life on my terms.

Making the conscious choice to live a more authentic, peaceful, and fulfilling life allowed me to connect to my true self. Instead of always trying to be what my family, friends, or society wanted me to be, I connected to how I wanted to show up in the world. 

Through my own healing journey, I knew that it was time to help others give voice to the authentic parts of themselves.  

Powerful Experiences

The powerful experiences I had working with some of the most compassionate, helpful, and insightful life coaches and therapists only reaffirmed my calling in life. For over a decade, I have committed my life to learn various modalities to support clients. My commitment to my  healing journey and desire to support people through some of life’s challenging obstacles continues to inspire and inform my work and healing practices.

The Support You Need

As a Life Coach, I support those struggling with life transitions, limiting beliefs, and self-confidence. Our work together will help you better understand yourself, your goals, and how you want to show up in the world. I feel privileged beyond belief that I can help empower, affirm, and support my clients.

In My Spare Time

I am an intern psychotherapist, and that work along with coaching is my passion. 

I am committed to social justice advocacy and self-care practices. I love animals, traveling, connecting with friends, watching documentaries, and spending time with my partner and our sweet rescue pup.

Thank you again for taking a moment to learn about me, I look forward to working with you!

My Approach

I work collaboratively with my clients to help them access their inner wisdom to unlock what is blocking them from transforming their lives. 

I support clients in living an authentic life and letting go of that which does not serve their goals and growth. I believe every person can change how they move through this world and feel more aligned with their true self.

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