How Online Therapy Can Help You Through Life Transitions

Change is difficult for everyone. Even when it’s supposed to be a positive outcome, things like anxiety and stress may leave a lasting impression as you navigate a life transition. But feeling overwhelmed by the unexpected (or the expected) is normal. And you don’t have to go through those changes alone

Life transitions are any event in your life that alters your sense of self, halts your plans for the future, and stifles your sense of purpose. They can be an incredible force of nature in your life. As a result, it can be hard to define what it does to your mental and physical health. It can also be hard to know what kind of support is out there to help you get through them.

A graphic showing a person offer change, with a hand rejecting it. Online therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support with change via life transitions therapy in Seattle, WA. Learn more about online life transitions therapy in Seattle, WA and other services including online therapy in Washington.

Transitions In Life Are Opportunities for Growth

Every human being on this planet goes through transitions in life. Personal growth can be stressful, even when it’s good for you. And that’s okay. Acknowledging and accepting that part of you is struggling right now is how you learn to unburden the stress, anxiety, and depression that ebbs and flows throughout each life event. We all collectively experienced what seemed to be the worst of a global pandemic. As a result, everyone is affected in some way. But, few people know what to do with that reality as the dust settles. Then, they’re left holding onto the trauma of such a major life event.


Some common life transitions you may be going through may include:

  • Graduating and adjusting to college life
  • Starting your first job or going into retirement
  • A significant change in your career or a recent job loss
  • Getting married or a divorce 
  • Pregnancy, life with a new baby, or parenting
  • Moving back home or relocating to a new area
  • Significant financial gain or loss
  • Serious illness or disability for you or a loved one
  • Grief and loss from the death of a loved one
  • Questioning your purpose in life or beliefs
  • Struggling with acceptance of your sexual/gender identity


The reality is that going through life transitions changes your brain chemistry.

Studies have shown that traumatic events change your brain chemistry and physical size. It specifically affects your hippocampus, which houses your memory and cognitive functions. Trauma can turn into a potential symptom list from a sporadic instance of brain fog to signs of early-onset dementia. It also creates hyperactivity in the amygdala which controls your emotions, particularly fear and anger (hello, anxiety!)

You may feel like you can get through a transition in your life on your own. But, there are options for you to get specific life transitions therapy whether you’re in the Seattle/Washington State area or looking for online therapy at your own pace.

A woman smiles while sitting with a laptop on her couch. Learn about the comfort of online therapy in Seattle, WA and more by contacting an online therapist in Seattle, WA. We can offer online life transitions therapy in Seattle, WA and other services.

Benefits of Online Therapy 



The convenience of online therapy sessions cannot be overstated. We live in a digital world so most of our life is expressed and communicated to one another online. It’s always a good idea to unplug and reset your mind when you can. But, your time is often stretched in many different ways. Online therapy can be as easy as a phone or video session to connect with a therapist. This means it can be accessed wherever and whenever you need to feel supported through hard times.



You may move for a new job or move back home after a family emergency. Regardless, your online therapist can be flexible about what you need. They can talk with you to work out a time to have a therapy session that works for you – even from miles away. Flexibility is being able to choose from a variety of therapists in different specialties or culturally competent backgrounds. By doing so, you can feel comfortable talking about very personal issues on a regular basis



No matter who you are and what changes you’re going through, you deserve support for your mental health. Online therapy supports your mental health by allowing you to rest easy knowing that help is a tap on your screen away. Your support system expands and, when life throws you something you have no idea how to handle, there is a way to connect with someone who does understand. An online therapist can help you feel tethered back to reality in the most trying times. No matter what life transition you’re going into or coming out of at the moment.  

College students listen while typing on laptops in a lecture hall. Learn how online therapy in Seattle, WA can offer support no matter where you are. An online therapist in Seattle, WA can offer life transitions therapy in Seattle, WA and other services like online therapy in Washington.

What you’re going through right now is about more than changes in your life. It’s about the growth happening within yourself.

There is support for you. and booking a complimentary consultation call is the best way to see if a therapist is a good fit for you. You can connect with an online therapist wherever you are on the map and in life.


Begin Online Therapy in Seattle, WA

Distance shouldn’t determine the quality of mental health support available to you. I would be honored to offer support in coping with life transitions from my Seattle, WA-based practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Start receiving support from the comfort of home

Other Services Offered at Inner Wisdom Coaching and Counseling

Life transitions therapy isn’t the only service I offer. I’m happy to offer a variety of online and in-person mental health services. These other services include depression treatment, EMDR, and life coaching. I also offer emotional support therapy and LGBTQIA+ therapy as well. Feel free to learn more by visiting the blog or testimonials page today!



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